One day a man went to the doctors office with a stuttering problem.

Hhhey dddocc, ccann yoou hhhelp mmmee wwwithh mmmmy st-st-uttering ppproblem?

The doc replied, Sure. Sit down.

The doctor then examined the man and in a low voice he told the man, Your penis is so bit that the sheer weight of it is pulling on your vocal cords, and therefore causing you to stutter.

Iiss ttthere aaannnyytthing tthat yyou ccan dddooo ttoo ffixxx iiit?, asked the man.

I can surgically remove about 8 inches, replied the doctor.

The guy said, Ddddoo wwhattever yyyou ccan tto hheelp mmme bbbeeccaauusse tthhis ststutterinngg iiss ddrrivviinngg mmee ccrrazzyy.

So the doc goes through with the opperation, and his stuttering stops. Two months later, the man comes back to the doctors office with a question.

Hey doc, the operation helped my stuttering, but my sex life sucks. Can you reverse the operation?

The doc replies, Fffforrrggettt itttt!

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