Subliminal suggestion

Hi. Im Mike. Id like to (sex) tell you about some weird psychological phenomenon (sleep with me) that has been in the media forefront (Im your love slave) in the past few years. Im talking about subliminal suggestion.

Subliminal suggestion (buy me a car) is a technique in which the subconscious is made aware of a concept by having it exposed (and a stereo) to them too fast or in a way the the conscious mind can pick (you want me) up. Thus, the person so suggested (my room 8PM tonite) finds himself doing something that he ordinarily wouldnt do (bring clean sheets).

This technique was often seen being used (Ill get the champagne) in movie theatres, where one frame of a film would have a message like Buy the popcorn. (and the condoms). This one frame goes by so fast the the conscious mind cant possibly assimilate it (I have incredible stamina), but many believe that the subconscious picks it up and causes the mind (I really want you) to act on it.

Does it really (all night is not out of the question) work? Who knows … (and we can bring the stuffed animals and the jello and the peanut butter and the nylon rope and watch I Love Lucy reruns and do things that theyll have to invent new names for when were done and then we can sleep for 3 hours and do it all again) The jury is still out on that one.

Thanks for your time and patience.

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