Superman is bored fighting crime

Superman is bored fighting crime everyday. So one Friday night he decides to go out in the town to have some fun. He drops by Batmans house.

Hey Batman, he says Wanna go out tonight?

No I cant, replies Batman. The Batmobile is broken and I gotta stay home and fix it, or else I wont be able to fight crime.

You loser, says Superman and flies away. He decides to stop by Spidermans house. Hey, Spidy, how about hitting the town tonight, you and me, he says.

Id love to, but I cant, replies Spiderman. My web is broken and I gotta fix it to fight crime.

Superman, all disgusted says You loser. Stay home on a Friday night and fix your damn web.

So he flies away. While flying from up above he spots Wonder Woman stark naked and lying down on her back spread-eagle. Superman thinks, Hey, I am Superman, I can fly down there at the speed of light, have a quicky and fly back out and she wont even feel it.

Superman flies down, does a quick in-out-in-out and flies back out at the speed of light.

Wonder Woman says, What the hell was that? The Invisible man says, I dont know but my ass is killing me!

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