Takes All Kinds

A German, an Italian, and a goofy American were trying to get into the stadium at the Sydney Olympics, but the seats were all sold out. The enterprising German stripped down to his shorts and undershirt, picked up a cane fishing pole in a nearby alley, and marched right in stating boldly, Heinrich Schneider, Germany, Pole Vault.

Noting the ease of entry, the Italian took off his outer garments, grabbed a large round stone, then just as boldly strode in the gate, announcing, Pasquale Galento, Italy, Shot Put.

Not to be outdone, the American guy took off all but his BVDS, went into a nearby hardward store were he purchased some barb-wire. As he approached the gate the American spoke out confidently, Hans Dumbkopfski, USA,, Fencing.

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