Talking to kids

A business man urgently needed to talk to his star employee so he called him at home on a Saturday. He was very surprised when the phone was answered before the first ring was even complete. A small boys voice whispered on the other end:Hello?
Is your father at home?
Yes, the boy whispered.
Can I speak to him?
No, hes busy.
Is your mom home?
Can I talk to her?
No, the voice said still in a whisper.
Is there anyone else there?
Yes, the boy whispered, The fireman and the policeman, but theyre busy talking to mom and dad.
The man was getting frustrated now, but he heard a loud noise on the other end of the line. Whats that noise
The little boy replied in an awed whisper: Its a helicopter! Theyre landing a helicopter on our lawn.
Angrily the man shouted What are all those people doing over there?!?
and the answer came:
SHHH! Looking for me

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