Teach your children

Two guys recently dead were given the option to stay either in Heaven
or Hell for the rest of their eternity. They asked if it was OK to
look around first, and to their surprise, it was.

First, they went to Heaven. All nice-guys were there, dressed in
white they sat on clouds playing harp. Quite a boring place, thought
our heroes.

Lets go to Hell, they said to each other.

Hell turned out to be a completely different scene. It was all bars,
casino and amusement parks. Free drinks for everyone and a lot of
people having a real good time.

Back from Hell, the guys where asked to chose between Heaven and Hell.
They both chose Hell.

Back in Hell, they were immediately scuffled in the back of a
sub-surface car and driven to a coal mine. Someone gave them a shovel
each and told them to start working.

Whats this? The last time we were here the place was entirely

Yes, but then you were tourists, now you are immigrants.

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