Ten Things to Do in a Public Bathroom

1.Come out of the stall with wet hands.

2.Pour water in a constant stream on the floor and say, Darn, I almost made it!

3.Wash you hair and dry it in the hand dryer.

4.Wear papertowels wrapped around your head and pretend youre Erykah Badu.

5.Write on the wall of a womens bathroom Tom was here. In the mens bathroom write Michael Jackson was here.

6.Ask a person in the stall next to you for a tampon.

7.Roll a roll of toilet paper all the way down the row of stalls.

8.For women, stand in front of the toilet.

9.Scream Ohh it burns! as you use the bathroom.

10.Lock the door from the inside, sound frustrated that you cant get out, then crawl under the door, getting as dirty as possible and complain to the manager that the door is faulty.

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