Texans and New Yorkers

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A woman from Texas and a woman from New York meet at a party.
The woman from Texas says to the woman from New York;
Hi! Where yall from?

The woman from New York replies,
Where I come from we dont end our sentences with prepositions…

So the woman from Texas says,
Fine! Where yall from, BITCH?!

A few minutes later, the woman from New York meets the woman from Texas
husband. Shes steamed at the Texas broad, so she asks (in a verrrrrry
suggestive voice) Is there anything I can do for you, handsome??

Welllll, replies the Texan, I sure could use a piece of ass.

The woman from New York nods, takes the Texan into the bedroom, takes off
all of her clothes, takes off all of his clothes, and engages in a hot session
of mad passionate lovemaking with him. After they are done, she again says
suggestively, Now, handsome, is there anything else I can do for you?

Well, maam, he replies, I could still use that piece of ass for my drink.

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