The 2 Hunters

There are two moose hunters who hop

on a float-plane and fly to their

destination. When the plane arrives at the

lake, the pilot says: In three days, Ill

meet you two guys back here with one

moose. The plane flew away and the

men set up camp.

The first day they shot nothing. The

second, one man shot a moose and on

the third day, the second man shot

another moose. The plane came to pick

them up, and the pilot said: What are you

doing, I told you to be here with only one

moose, not two. The hunters told the

pilot that last year, the pilot let them take

two mooses (mice?). The pilot wanted to

stay competitive with the other pilots and

made an exception this time to let the

hunters take two mooses. With the extra

weight, the plane barely got off the lake,

then hit a tree and crashed. One hunter

crawled over to his buddy to see if he was

hurt. He shook him, then he woke up and

said, dazed: Where are we? The first

man answered: About 100 feet from

where we crashed last year.

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