The 4 engineers.

Once there were four engineers traveling in a car. While they were traveling to their destination the car stalled on them.

Then the first engineer who was a mechanical engineer said, dont worry its probably engine problems. I will just pop open the hood and take a look at the motor.

Then the second engineer, who was an electrical engineer, said, no, no ,no. It is an electrical problem. Just let me look at the fuse box and I will find the problem.

The third engineer, who was a chemical engineer, said, its just a problem with the fuel. Flush out all of the gas and replace it with new gas and you will see that the car will be fine.

Then the three engineers looked at the fourth who was a computer engineer. And his response was… Why dont we just get out of the car, shut all of the doors, and then open them again and get back in and start it!

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