The 80-Year-Old Golfer

An Octogenarian who was an avid golfer moved to a new town
and joined the local Country Club. He went to the Club for
the first time to play but was told there wasnt anybody he
could play with because they were already out on the course.

He repeated several times that he really wanted to play.
Finally the Assistant Pro said he would play with him and
would give him a 12 stroke handicap. The 80 year old said,
I really dont need a handicap as I have been playing quite
well. The only real problem I have is getting out of sand
traps. And he did play well.

Coming onto the 18th the old man had a long drive, but it
landed in one of the sand traps around the hole. Shooting
from the sand trap he hit a very high ball which landed on
the green and rolled into the hole!

The Pro walked over to the sand trap where his opponent was
still standing. He said Nice shot, but I thought you said
you have a problem getting out of sand traps?

I do! replied the Octogenarian, Please give me a hand.

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