The BBC Gaza Correspondent

The BBC Gaza correspondent is sitting in her air conditioned hotel in the Gaza strip, sipping iced tea when her mobile phone begins to ring. She picks up the phone and hears a mysterious voice say, comrade this is the ruling council of the military wing of Hamas and I would like to inform you that those Israeli pigs have just massacred hundreds of Palastinian women and children.

The BBC correspondent then asks the mysterious stranger on the phone where and when this had happened but was just given the address of the small provincial hospital just inside the Israeli border where he claimed hundreds of surviving casualties had been taken earlier and informed her that all her expenses would be covered as usual.

Armed with this information she realises that she can finally prove to the world just how evil these Israeli, American Jewish lobby supported pigs really are. So she makes her way as quickly as possible across the border into Israel and to the hospital.

On arriving at the hospital she walks into the main reception where she sees an Israeli doctor standing with a clip board in his hand. She walks up to the doctor and says, right you imperialist scum bag, where are the palastinian casualties brought intoday after the massacre?

The doctor who is slightly surprised and taken a back by the witch faced correspondent replies I am sorry lady but I dont know what you are talking about.

The correspondent then really begins to lose her temper and says, Ok tell me how many Arab patients you have here today?

To which the doctor replies, well I would guess several hundred.

Ah ha! the corresspondent responds, so you dont deny it now!

With the bit between her teeth she storms past the doctor and heads for the door with the sign that reads emergency admissions written above it. She bursts through the door to only see lots and lots of empty beds save for a couple of elderly people.

Turning round she exits the room and heads back towards the doctor and says so where I you hiding them doctor death?

The bewildered looking doctor then says to her, if you would have given me the chance I was about to show you to them in our new state of the art maternity ward further down the hall.

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