The bored Swede

A swedish man was bored. He was bored with his work, bored with his life in

general. He felt as there was nothing waiting for him in this life…

…until one day, in the breakfast table, he was reading the morning paper,

when he saw an article, which would change his life. It said:

…Scientists had found out, that somewhere in Africa, one could still

find tribes of genuine cavemen, untouched by civilization. Only thing

needed was to find the correct cave and shout Wohoo!! and the tribe would

answer to this call.

This is it! the swede thought. This is what Ive been waiting for! Ill

sell everything I own, go to Africa, find these cavemen, and become rich

and famous!

And so he did. He sells everything, moves to Africa and starts looking for

the tribe. But cave after cave after cave, no answer. No cavemen.

Until one day, yet another cave, and another yell: Juhuuu!! And then he

heard it! WWOOOOUU WOOOOOO !!!!

Härregud! The Swede thought, A whole tribe! And just as he was starting

to run to the cave, he thought: Now wait a minute. These are cavemen. They

dont wear any clothes, and I might scare then off.

So he stripped his clothes off quickly, and started to run into the cave.

And the following day, he was in the headlines all over th world:

Naked Swede ran over by a train in Africa

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