The captain and the camel

A Captain in the foreign legion was transferred to a desert outpost. On his orientation tour he noticed a very old, seedy looking camel tied out back of the enlisted mens barracks. He asked the Sergeant leading the tour, Whats the camel for?.

The Sergeant replied Well sir its a long way from anywhere, and the men have natural sexual urges, so when they do, uh, we have the camel.

The captain said Well if its good for moral, then I guess its all right with me.

After he had been at the fort for about 6 months the captain could not stand it any more so he told his Sergeant, BRING IN THE CAMEL!!!

The sarge shrugged his shoulders and led the camel into the captains quarters. The captain got a foot stool & proceeded to have vigorous sex with the camel. As he stepped, satisfied, down from the stool, and was buttoning his pants he asked the Sergeant, Is that how the enlisted men do it?

The Sergeant replied, Well sir, they usually just use it to ride into town.

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