The Christian Heaven & The Jewish Heaven

A rabbi went to a hotel.It was the only hotel in the town, and they had only a room available,

but it was kept for a priest, since a week before.

Entering the hotel, the priest hears the rabbi

insisting for a room, approach him and politely

propose him to share the room.There were two beds,

so it was enough space for both.Finely, the rabbi

agrees and they slept in the same room that night.

In the morning the priest say to the rabbi:You

know,I had a very strange dream last night.I dreamed I was in the jewish heaven.It was

almost dark, the streets were dirty,the people

were very poor dressed and they ate some soup

every day, oh, my god,it was terrible!

The rabbi say:That is odd,because last

night I dreamed I was in the christian heaven.

It was wonderful, the sky was so blue, and the grass was green,the birds were singing happy songs,there were rivers of milkn honey,the trees

were full of tasty fruits, but it was ABSOLUTELY NOBODY IN THERE

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