The Christmas parrot

A man goes into a pet store to buy his wife a gift. He asks the clerk for something special. The clerk walks over to the bird section. This is Ches. He was trained to sing Christmas carols. Watch.

The clerk lights a match and puts it under one of Ches feet. The parrot immediately starts to sing Jingle Bells.

Why thats amazing!, exclaims the guy.

The clerk lights another match, and puts it under the other foot. This time the parrot starts singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

By this time the man is sold on the parrot, and so he pays the clerk and takes the parrot home to his wife. He lights a match and demonstrates Ches unique ability. The guy then lights a second match and does the same thing. The wife and the guy enjoy the evening with their new pet.

A couple of days later, the wife asks the man, What would happen if you put a match between his feet?

The guy shrugs his shoulders and walks over to Ches, lights a match, and puts it between the parrots feet. Chesnuts roasting on an open fire …

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