The Doctors Mistress

Doctor Goldstein and his wife are having dinner at an upscale restaurant when an attractive young blonde walks by, smiles at the doctor and says Hi Sammy.

The wife, somewhat irritated, asks, And who is that?

The doctor says, Thats my mistress.

The wife asks, You have a mistress? How long has this been going on?

The doctor says, About five years.

The wife says, Five years? Ill see a lawyer tomorrow and start a divorce. Youll be ruined.

The doctor replies, Now think about it. If we divorce we each get half of what we have. You wont have that big house, you wont get a new Cadillac every year and you wont be playing golf and bridge all day with your so-called friends.

Just then a cute redhead walks by and says Hi Sammy.

The wife asks, “And who is that one?

The doctor says, Thats Bill Grants mistress.

The wife says, Doctor Grant has a mistress too?

The doctor says, About twelve years now.

The wife says, Ours is a lot prettier.

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