The farmer and the drifter

There was a farmer working on his fence when a drifter stopped to chat.

The drifter told the farmer that he was awfully thirsty and asked if he could have a bucket to go get some milk from the milkweed in his field.

The farmer chuckled, and said,

Hell boy, if you think you can get milk from milkweed, Ill give you two buckets!

Shaking his head and laughing the farmer watched him walk down through the field.

He yelled for his wife to come outside. Honey, there is a dumbass out yonder thinkin hes gonna get milk from milkweed!

The farmers wife giggled,Theres nothing wrong with having an imagination.

The farmer started working on his fence again. About 30 minutes later the drifter came carrying two buckets of milk.

I sure do appreciate it, sir. Some honey sure would be good with this milk. I see that you have honeysuckle over there, said the drifter.

Puzzled, the farmer said, Well, now I guess youre thinkin you gonna get honey out of honeysuckles.

Only with your permission, sir.

Intrigued, the farmer hesitated, then went and got the drifter two more buckets.

The drifter went off through the field.

The farmer yelled for his wife to come outside again. This milk here is a little hard to figure out, but I know good and damn well that boys not gonna get honey from honeysuckles!

Sure enough here the drifter came, with two buckets full of honey.

Well, Ill be!, squeeled the farmer.

If I could just trouble you one more time sir, then Ill be on my way… I see that you have some pussywillow over there.

Wait up boy, Im goin with you!

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