The Final Five Minutes

An unmarried Rabbi is on an empty train when a sexy, beautiful woman walks into his empty carriage, carrying a foot long, BLT, Subway sandwich and proceeds to sit down opposite him.

After twenty minutes of emabarrasingly trying to avoid looking at the sexy woman opposite the train comes to a sudden halt and a voice comes over the speakers explaining that the Five Minute Warning has just gone off and that soon the UK will be under nuclear attack.

Shocked at this dreadful and sudden news the Rabbis thoughts quickly turn to the fact that he will probably be dead within the next five minutes. However instead of taking comfort from his faith and religious training he begins to consider all the things he never did and all the experiences he missed out on due to the religious life he chose to lead.

He quickly realises that he is going to die a virgin too, as he is quite a young Rabbi and he never married. Feeling close to despair at this thought and all the other opportunities he has wasted in his life the Rabbi looks up and sees that the sexy woman opposite is looking at him and smiling in a very sexually seductive manor.

Why not? The Rabbi thinks to himself. After years of leading a relatively good life and obeying the laws of his religion, why shouldnt he enjoy the last five minutes of his life on earth? Surley even God would forgive him five minutes of pleasure and sin after many years of obediently following his divine laws.

Wth this thought in mind the Rabbi decides that he is going to just go for it and forget the consequences and enjoy his final five minutes on earth. He therfore looks back at the girl and begins to smile too.

Feeling a little auckward about this highly unusual and unexpected situation the Rabbi gently leans over towards the gorgeous woman and says,

Excuse me Miss, but are you planning on eating that sandwich?

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