The genie

There was this guy he walked into a bar. He told the bartender he wanted a beer. Well he noticed that the bartender had quite a body on him. He says to himIm not trying to sound gay but you have a muscalar body but such a little head why is that?

The bartender had been asked this question before he says to me one day he begins. I was walking through the woods and I got lost and then from beyond a tree I heard a voice and it was saying help me I looked around and couldnt find anyone then I heard it again help me well I looked down a seen a frog The frog asked me to kiss her and she saidI will turn into a beutiful genie I looked around and seen nobody was around so I kissed her and there she stand naked and beutiful she told me that I had three wishes She asked me what my first one would be. I said I want to have a body like arnald swarnegger so she muttered a spell and poof I stand there body build and everything I took my clothes off and she says to me your second wish I said I want to make love to you by the lake here and she said poof your wish is granted they lay there for hours making love and then after we are done she said to me you know you still have one more wish. I said How about a little head

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