The Good Wife

Morris comes home to find his wife, Sadie, crying. I found out from Mrs. Goldberg that youve been having an affair with that chippie secretary in your office. Why would you do that to me? Havent I always been the good wife? Ive cooked for you, raised your children, and Ive always been by your side for thirty-five years. What havent I done to make you happy?

Embarrassed, Morris confesses, Its true, Sadie, youve been the best wife a man could hope for. You make me happy in all ways but one. You dont moan when we have sex!

If I moaned when we had sex, youd stop running around? All right, come to the bedroom so I can show you that I, too, can moan during sex!

So they retire to the bedroom, get undressed, and climb beneath the sheets.

As they begin to kiss, Sadie asks, Now, Morris, should I moan now?

No, not yet.

Morris begins fondling Sadie. What about now? Should I moan now? No, Ill tell you when, he says.

He climbs on top of Sophie and begins to have intercourse.

Is it time for me to moan, Morris?

Wait, Ill tell you when.

Moments later, in the heat of passion, seconds before reaching climax, Morris yells, Now, Sadie, moan! MOAN!

OY! You wouldnt believe what a day I had!

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