The last 10 civil servants

Ten civil servants standing in a line,

One of them was downsized – then there were nine.

Nine civil servants who must negotiate,

One joined the union – then there were eight.

Eight civil servants thought they were in heaven,

Til one of them was redeployed – then there were seven.

Seven civil servants, their jobs as safe as bricks,

But one was reclassified – then there were six.

Six civil servants trying to survive,

One of them was privatized – then there were five.

Five civil servants ready to give more,

But one golden handshake reduced them to four.

Four civil servants full of loyalty,

Their jobs were all advertised – then there were three.

Three civil servants under review,

One left on secondment – then there were two.

Two civil servants coping on the run,

One went on stress leave – then there was one.

The last civil servant agreed to relocate,

Replaced by 10 consultants at twice the hourly rate.

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