The Pearly Gates Computer

A man arrives at the Pearly Gates and finds that St. Peter is not there, but a computer terminal is sitting next to the arch. He walks up to it and sees Welcome to www.Heaven.com. Please enter your User ID and Password to continue. He doesnt have either, but underneath the fields is a small line reading: Forgot your ID or Password? Click Here. So he does.

Up pops a screen which reads, Please enter at least two of the following, and your pasword and ID will be e-mailed to you. The fields include Name, Date of birth, Date of death, and Favorite Food.

The man enters his name and date of birth, and clicks Submit.

Up pops another screen which reads, We are sorry, we did not find a match in our database. Would you like to register? So the man clicks the button marked Yes.

A long and detailed form appears on the screen, and the man spends some time filling it out. Then he clicks the Submit button.

Now he is faced with a screen reading, We are sorry, this service is temporarily unavailable; please try again later. There is a button marked Back. He clicks it.

A new page appears. It reads, Welcome to www.Purgatory.com. Please enter your User ID and Password to continue…

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