The pig farmer has problems

Irv Cohen was tired of the rat race of New York City. He decided to move to the peace and quiet of the country. He bought a small farm and moved away from the big city.

Not knowing what to do with the farm, he talked to his neighbors. They suggested going to the local auction and buying some live stock. Irv did just that. In fact, he got a good deal on a dozen pigs at the auction.

When he got them home he realized they were all females so he talked to his neighbor to see if he could bring his girls pigs over to meet with his boy pigs so this man could get some babies. The neighbor agreed and so Irv, the new farmer, loaded the girl pigs in his truck to visit the neighbors pigs.

That night he went back to pick them up and he asked his neighbor How will I know if they are going to have little pigs?

The neighbor said that they would start acting real different and that he could just tell.

So next morning he went and checked his pigs and they were just acting normal so he took them back to the neighbors again. Next morning same thing no change so he took them back.

Next morning he was sitting at the table and he said to his wife Honey, look out the window and see if the pigs are acting different.

She looked out the window and said Well I dont know how different you mean but 11 of them are in the back of the truck and one is in the front honking the horn!!!

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