The Pope and Gary Hart

(I have been told that this joke is sacrilegious. Caveat Emptor.)

Ok, so here it is:

It so happens that the Pope and Gary Hart died at the same time. There was
a mix-up, and the Pope was sent to Hell and Hart went to Heaven. Of course,
Satan immediately realized the error. He was quite displeased, so he set
about to rectify the situation at once. Nevertheless, relations between
Heaven and Hell being what they are, it took a full day for the trade to be
arranged. When the Pope heard he was going to Heaven after all, he was much
relieved, but being the caring soul he was, he was worried that Gary would
be upset at the change. So when they met halfway, the Pope said,

Mr. Hart, I know you must be very disappointed, but you know I did
live eighty years of a clean life bound to God, so that I could claim my
Reward and kneel at the feet of the Virgin.

And Gary, grinning, replies, Well, Your Holiness, Im afraid youre
a little too late for that!

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