The preacher and sermon on Christian views of sex

A pastor wanted to be trendy and appeal to the youth. So he decided to preach a sermon which took all of its illustrations from surf boarding. He spent a week preparing the message, and was pretty pleased with the results.

However, his wife was considerably less enthusiastic. On Sunday morning she refused to accompany him to church and said, Merle, if youre gonna preach about surf boarding, Im not gonna sit in the congregation and be embarrassed.

The pastor walked to church and decided that perhaps his wife was right. So he preached a sermon on Christian views of sex – what was and was not appropriate behavior for Christians. Not wanting to admit to his wife that she was right (No husband ever admits his wife was right if he can help it.), the pastor said nothing of his changed sermon.

A couple days later the wife was grocery shopping and met a member of the congregation. The member commented, That was a magnificent sermon that Merle preached last week. I bet he must really be good at it! (lewd wink)

And the pastors wife replied, Not really. Hes only tried it twice. The first time he lost his hat and the second time he got seasick.

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