The sermon

The rabbi is speaking to his lower East Side congregation and he says, with Hashems help we shall walk but first, we must crawl. The congregation replies to the Rebbe with exclamations of ahmein Rabbi, im yirtze Hashem we shall crawl.

The rabbi then says, and soon, we will run but before we can run, with Hashems help, we must firts walk. Again, the pious members of the minyan all reply, im yirtze Hashem, we shall walk.

The rabbi then works himself into a rhetorical frenzy as he exclaims, and we shall reach the promised land. Hashem shall provide but first we must run. The ecstatic congregation gleefully shouts back ahmein rabbi, we shall run. Im yirtze Hashem, we shall run.

The rabbi concludes his sermon by stating, and we will reach that promised land if you dig deep into your hearts and checkbooks and make a generous pledge to the building fund!! The congregation then replies, crawl Rabbi, crawl. Im yirtze Hashem, we shall crawl.

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