The Talking Frog

Mrs Goldstein was playing a round of golf on a hot afternoon when she hit the ball right into the rough. She went to fetch it and where the ball had landed she found a frog in a trap.

Please help me the frog exclaimed, If you let me out Ill grant you three wishes!

Without wasting any time Mrs Goldstein releases the frog and waits for him to speak again.

What I failed to tell you, the frog said, is that whatever YOU wish for, Mr Goldstein will get 10 times better or more

Mrs Goldstein is happy anyway and goes ahead with her first wish.

I want to be the most beautiful woman in the world! she demanded

You do realise, said the frog, that Mr Goldstein will become the most handsome man in the world and all women will flock to him.

However, Mrs Goldstein believes that if she is the most beautiful woman in the world, then he will only have eyes for her.

Next come her second wish:

I wish I was the richest woman in the world!

And so the frog tld her that Mr Goldstein will be 10 times richer than her. However Mrs Goldstein knew that as his wife whatever money belongs to him also belongs to her.

And finally, the frog said, youre last wish Mrs Goldstein?

I would like a mild heart attck!

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