The thoughtful hit-man

Two gang members were hired to rub out an uncooperative union official. The pair checked his habits and learned that every evening before he dressed for the evening, he went to the neighborhood barber shop and took a shave. This occurred at exactly 6 Oclock every evening. Accordingly, the hoods decided to knock him off just before he took his shave.

The fateful night came. The pair strategically seated themselves in front of the barber shop at five-thirty and took up their vigil. At six, they put their hands on their pistols and watched the door watched the door anxiously. But the union boss didnt come.

Hell be here any minute. Be ready, said the experienced killer.

The thugs were beginning to worry, Do you think hell show? whispered the now nervous killer.

To which his anxious youthful associate answered, Gee, I hope nothing happened to him.

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