The Top 15 Rejected Star Wars Trilogy Marketing Tie-ins

15. The Princess LeiaMe blow-up doll

14. Chewbacca Chewn Tbacca, from Skoal

13. Princess Chia

12. Lando Calrissian Cognac — 40 Parsecs of smoooooth

11. R2D2, C3PO & KY4U Adult Action Figures

10. Han Solo Cups

9. Do you know me? Probably not, if Im out of my Stormtrooper uniform. Thats why I carry American Express.

8. McDonalds Ewok Burger Happy Meal

7. Metamucil – May the Force run through you!

6. Darth Vader Ginsberg doll — Black robe and goofy glasses sold separately

5. Tampex Tampons, now with starfighter X-wings and lightsabre applicator

4. Volkswagons Return of the Jetta

3. Ewok On A Stick toilet brushes

2. Darth Vibrader

and the Number 1 Rejected Star Wars Trilogy Marketing Tie-in…

1. Barbie Wan Kenobies Malibu Deathstar

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