The top 16 things overheard coming from the Oval Office (adult)

Are you sure that Al Gore started this way?
If this leaks out, Ill be ruined.
If this doesnt leak out, *Ill* be ruined.
If I could convince Hillary to do that just once …
Now you know why they call me Slick Willie.
You are a White House intern; Well, now its your turn.
I knew that a lot of things came across your desk, I just never thought that I would be one of them.
Somehow, I dont think that alan Greenspan would explain inflation that way.
Ive always said, I want to be a hands-on president.
What do you mean falsie inspection. I dont remember a no falsies clause in my contract.
When you asked me to look at the presidential pole, I thought you meant the latest Gallup Survey.
I thought that all of those notches in your desk were from Sox sharpening his claws.
Are you *sure* its in?
When you said that you had your finger on the pulse of the nation, this isnt exactly what i thought you meant.
Maybe Chelsea can hook me up with some of those sorority babes.

And the number 1 thing overheard coming from the oval Office …

If you think thats 8 inches, I can see why you thought your last budget was balanced.

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