The Vegas Trip!

Three buddies decided to take their wives on vacation for a week in Las Vegas. The week flew by and they all had a great time. After they returned home and the men went back to work, they sat around at break and discussed their vacation.

The first guy says I dont think Ill ever do that again! Ever since we got back, my old lady flings her arms & hollers, 7 come 11 all night & I havent had a wink of sleep!

The second guy says I know what you mean…my old lady played blackjack the whole time we were there and she slaps the bed all night and hollers hit me light or hit me hard, and I havent had a wink of sleep either!

The third guy says You guys think you have it bad! My old lady played the slots the whole time we were there… every morning, I wake up with a sore dingy and an butt full of quarters!

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