The ventriloquist

A travelling ventriloquist on the road in between jobs decided to practice his craft before his next show. He stopped at a farmhouse and approached the farmer who lived there. Hello there, Mr. Farmer, I was just passing by and I was wondering if I might speak to your dog.

The farmer replied, Well, you know, dogs dont talk.

The ventriloquist said, Youd be surprised what a dog might tell you. Can I speak with him?

The farmer, eyeing the ventriloquist suspiciously, called his dog.

Hi there, Mr. dog, said the ventriloquist. How does the farmer treat you? To which the dog replied, Oh, hes great! He throws a stick for me, scratches my belly, and I just love him!!

Needless to say, the farmer was dumfounded. Wanting to see if he could fool the farmer again, the ventriloquist asked if he could speak with the farmers horse.

Well, you know, horses dont talk.

Again the ventriloquist said, Youd be surprised what a horse might tell you. So the farmer brought out his horse. Say, Mr. Horse, how does the farmer treat you? asked the ventriloquist. The horse then replied, Oh, I think hes great. He feeds me oats, he puts a blanket over me at night, and I just love him!

Again the farmer was amazed. Wanting to try his luck a third time, the ventriloquist said, Mr. Farmer, would you like to hear what the sheep has to say about you?

Well, declared the farmer, Sheep lie, ya know.

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