The very different children

Two ten-year-old children were exactly opposites: Bill was a die-hard optimist, and Bob a hopeless pessimist.

The mom asked the psychiatrist what to do about Christmas. The doctor told her to buy all the toys she could for Bob and get Bill nothing. In fact, he said just to wrap up some manure for Bill to break down his hopes even more.

Christmas morning, Mom came downstairs and found the twins by the tree. She asked Bob what Santa had brought him.

A B.B. gun, but Ill probably hit someone in the eye and blind him. And a bicycle, but Ill probably get run over and killed while riding it. And an electric train, but Ill probably electrocute myself, said Bob.

Realizing it wasnt going very well, the mom turned to Bill and asked what he got. Im not sure!! he replied, I think I got a pony, but I havent been able to find him yet!!

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