There are 2 men sitting in a bar…

There are 2 men sitting in a bar and they are drinking their beers when one of the men looks to the end of the bar and realizes that Neil Armstrong is sitting at the end of the bar. After some debate amongst themselves whether the man is Armstrong or not, one of the men gathers up the nerve to go up to the man and ask if indeed he is the American Icon.

He gets to the end of the bar and asks, excuse me sir, I couldnt help but notice that you are Neil Armstrong.

Mr. Armstrong replies, well yes I am how may I help you? The man states that it was a pleasure to meet him since Neil Armstrong has always been a big idol and role model in his life. Mr. Armstrong thanks him and asks him what he does for a living. I am a journalist replies the man. Mr. Armstrong gives a sigh and replies Oh, Okay. The man continues and asks him if he has a problem with journalists. Mr. Armstrong says no but states that reporters and the media had misquoted him on his moon walk statement. The man asks him what he means. Mr. Armstrong replies, you guys reported I said Once small step for man, one giant step for man kind, but what I really said was once small step for man, one giant step for Matt Kline.

Who the hell is Matt Kline? replied the man.

Matt Kline is a good friend of mine ever since we were kids, we went to the same high school, college, we even served in the service at the same time. We where both in the Apollo space program but he didnt make the cut, said Armstrong.

Okay replied the man.

Well one day I was the best man at Matts wedding and when the reception was over, I noticed that there were some packages left in the banquet room. Not wanting to have the couple go off without all of their gifts, I ran the packages up to their suite. when I got to the door I heard Matts wife say, the day I put that in my mouth will be the day a man walks on the moon!

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