There was a man, who

There was a man, who walked into a small Chinatown shop to look around.
He saw a golden rat, and asked the oriental behind the counter how much it

Golden Rat, one hundred dollar. Story behind Golden Rat three
hundred dollar.

The man decided just to buy the Golden Rat, so he pays
for it and leaves.

A rat that was in the shop follows him out, as does a
rat in the alley outside. Before hes walked a street away, hes being
followed by ten rats, then a hundred, then a thousand. The man starts to
panic, and starts running away, while more and more rats follow him. He
ran right across the town, and got himself trapped by the sea. He
hesitated for a second, then dives off the wharf and starts swimming.

Looking back, he saw that the rats were still following him, but the
second they hit the water, they turned to stone and sank. About fifteen
minutes later (well, it takes a while to kill ten thousand rats), the man
swam back to shore, and walked back to the shop.

When he walked in, the
guy behind the counter said Ahhhh. You come back for story about Golden

The man replied No, I was just wondering if you have any Golden

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