This wonderful bit of followup

This wonderful bit of followup on the news courtesy of Durham Herald-Sun
columnist Carl Daniels-Kinney:

Im sure many of you are aware that about two weeks ago, the US Supreme
Court ruled that the state of Missouri cannot discriminate against the Ku
Klux Klan when it comes to groups that want to participate in the
adopt-a-highway program. Of course, while the name of the Klan is
aesthetically disgusting, wed all agree that this decision is a victory
for free speech and equal protection under the law, right?

Well, the DOT in Missouri has gotten their revenge, and boy is it sweet.
Sure, they cant remove the KKKs adopt-the-highway sign, but few would
dispute the states ability to name the highway itself.

The KKK is now cleaning up a stretch of the newly-christened Rosa Parks

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