Tired Game Warden

One day two men were fishing, when a Game Warden slipped up on themand asked

to see their fishing licences.One of the men took off running in . So

the warden started chasinghim. He ran after the man up and down the

side of the river, thru the swamp,up the side of a mountain, the man swam across the

river with the warden right behind him . Then he swam back across the river with the warden still right behind him.Finaly after about three miles of chasnig the game warden caught up with the man, bleeding and out of breath the warden asked to see his fishing licence. The man reached in his pocket and pulled out his licence and

handed it to the warden.And the warden asked why did you run? The man just looked at the warden and smiled and said the other guy didnt have his licence.

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