Toilet seat complaint

Copied from Ann Landers Column:

Dear Ann Landers: My next-door neighbor is my dearest friend. Yesterday, over coffee at my kitchen table, she seemed quite upset with her husband, Jerry. It is a well-known fact that he has been running around on her for years, so I asked her if she had ever considered a divorce. She said, Divorce – never. But murder? Yes.

She continued, Last night, I had to use the bathroom in the middle of the night – a common occurrence. I didnt want to turn on the light for fear of waking Jerry, so I groped my way, as I have done many times before. When I reached my destination, I poised myself to be seated and fell right into the bowl. It seems my darling husband, for the millionth time, had left the seat up.

I listened patiently, trying my darnedest not to laugh. I could tell she didnt see anything funny about it. Finally, she said, I wonder what Ann Landers would say. I told her I would write and ask. So, dear Ann, how about it? – Louisville, Ky.

Dear Louisville: Please make sure your neighbor sees this column. I just read about a contraption equipped with intelligent sensors that can tell if the seat is up or down. It sells at hardware stores for $29.99. It is actually a night light that attaches to the bowl and glows red if the seat is up and green if the seat is down.

The people who are marketing this unique item say it is very popular. I have not seen one, but for some married couples, it might be worth the investment.

Note: Ann Landers is a syndicated advise columnist.

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