Top 10 frivolous lawsuits

Albert Garcia Jr. sued the state in 1992 because the Ely State Prison began delivering his legal mail from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. He claimed the delivery time interfered with his sleeping pattern.

Kenneth Parker sued the state because he ordered two jars of chunky peanut butter from the prison canteen at Nevada State Prison in 1989 but received one jar of chunky and one jar of creamy peanut butter. While Parker was later given the peanut butter he requested, he still pursued the case, and it was later dismissed.

Randall Wildeman sued the state in 1991 because a Nevada State Prison officer destroyed the bras and bikini panties he had in his cell. Wildeman claimed he was making womens clothing to be sent as gifts.

Michael Sims sued the state in 1994 on the grounds that a prison guard at the Ely State Prison was calling him names. Sims said the guard called him a faggot and a snitch and put him in a life-threatening situation.

Donald Ferris sued Nevada State Prison chaplain Al Ferris last year because he would not marry him to another man. State law prohibits same-sex marriages.

Matthew Banks sued the state because when he received his dinner tray at the Ely State Prison in 1992, a piece of cake on it was hacked up. In his complaint, Banks charged that an officer was mad at another prisoner in the lunch line and took his anger out on him when he complained about the cake.

David Bean sued the state in 1993 on the grounds his jeans, although altered for him, never fit properly, and he broke out in a rash and suffered an epileptic seizure, according to the attorney generals office. But Bean himself said his rash and seizure were due to mental anguish caused by not getting the proper pants.

Dennis Fixel sued the state in 1991 because he was forced to wear size 5 tennis shoes when he needed boots of a smaller size. He said he needed the boots because he is a welder and his feet would be ruined without them. Fixel claimed the state had destroyed his boots.

Dyarell Hunt sued the state last year because the Nevada State Prison gave him only two stamps a week to mail letters. As a member of the Universal Life Church, Hunt said he must send five letters a week as part of his religious regimen. Inmates are not allowed to receive stamps from outside the prison.

David Hooper filed a civil rights lawsuit in 1992 on the grounds that he was forced to uncover his window at the Ely State Prison before he was fed. To protect officers, the prison has a rule requiring prisoners to uncover the windows and step away from the door.

Source: attorney generals office

–Las Vegas Review-Journal,

August 2, 1995

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