Top 10 uses for a deceased PC

Even the most devoted computer junkie cannot hold on to a machine forever. When that box on your desktop finally kicks it, dont despair – there are always a few uses for a dead PC:

Remove the fan and use it to keep cool during heat waves.
Hard drives with more than a 500MB capacity can prop open firedoors to annoy the floor warden.
Remove all the chips and sell them to third graders to place on the chairs of kids they dont like.
Use the wires to repair glasses with missing screws.
Pry the heat sink off the Pentium chip and try to pass it off as a massage attachment.
Thirty-two-bit graphics accelerators are handy for popping under the short leg that makes your table wobbly.
Replace your radios speaker with the PCs internal speaker so the local college music station will sound better.
The monitors cathode-ray tube can be used as a floatation device.
In a pinch, use the ribbon cable from your controller to hold up your pants.
Place all the screws in the casing of the power supply and use it as a noisemaker for Purim.

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