#10- Tweety Bird- You know theres a problem when every single kid roots
for the hero to be devoured in each episode. No sense of humor. No
personality. Annoying voice. Plus he was always tattling. I knew kids
like this growing up. Most of them ate paste, sat in the front of the
bus, and got me in trouble.

#9- Grape Ape- A real moron. All he knows how to say is his name. And
he does so non-stop for a half an hour. Id rather watch Davey and
Goliath covet heir neighbors model airplane.

#8- Olive Oyl- Am I the only one out there who thought this was one lady
NOT worth fighting over? And thats what they did every episode! She
talks like Edith Bunker and looks like a pipe cleaner with a cheap hat.
Hey, Popeye, youre a sailor… you can do better! Plus Olive can
never decide if she wants to date that jerk Brutus or not. The girl is
just bad news.

#7- Petunia Pig- Remember her? Porkys girlfriend? She was a real
zero. What was the point of her anyway? To make Porky look good? Come
on, who did they think theyre fooling. We all know Porky is gay.

#6- Pebbles & Bam-Bam, as teenagers- What were they thinking? Were they
trying to cash in on the Joanie loves Chachi thing? And how come
every cartoon teenager plays in crumby rock band? An awful -and
thankfully shortlived- idea.

#5- Pepe LePew- Hello, Warner Brothers, ever heard of sexual harassment?
Lets take a good look at this character; a horny, rapist skunk whos
attracted to other species! NOT good for the kids. Plus, worse still,
hes French.

#4- Alan, from Josie and the Pussy Cats- How weak was this Fred
clone? They even gave him an ascot, for crying out loud. Well, I knew
Fred. I grew up with Fred. Fred was like a friend of mine. Let me
tell you something… youre no Fred.

#3- Zan and Zana, the Wondertwins- How many times do we have to say it?
Leave the crimefighting to the professionals! Form of… an idiot!
They should have been voted out of the Hall of Justice a long time ago.
Theres no room for dead weight in this game.

#2- Kazoo, from the Flintstones- Its like Hmmm, a miniature, green
spaceman who appears only to Fred Flintstone isnt enough of a stretch.
I know! Lets give him a snotty London accent! Um, could I get a drug
test from Hanna Barbara, please?

#1- Scrappy Doo- And, really, who else COULD it be? This guy ruined
Scooby Doo! Just came in and ruined it! Scrappy is the Yoko Ono of
Saturday morning cartoons. I cant even talk about it anymore. Its
too upsetting.

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