Top 15 Clues That Your Company Has Merged With A Competitor

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The company stock suddenly is worth something, then trading is halted before you can cash in.
Your management has just emphatically denied that any merger is currently being contemplated.
Your paycheck comes with the competitors logo.
The guy you used to yell at during trade shows is introduced as your new boss.
The address on your new business cards does not correspond to the location of the office you go to every day.
I work for the government, so merging with a competitor would probably mean storm troopers marching through the streets.
The customer service folks are told to stop telling customers that company X will cheat them on service contracts. Now theyre our service.
The owners daughter sends you an invitation to her wedding with the competitors son.
The product which your salespeople described not a long time ago as being a dangerous health hazard is now one of the leading products in your sales literature.
I got a very big raise. This makes me very paranoid. Two weeks ago, we had no money and way too much work to do. Last week, I am offered huge raise effective next month. I smell a data merge coming on.
Our URL links to their web site.
401k rollover papers on your desk Monday morning.
When someone quits to go work for a competitor, the company doesnt immediately escort him out of the building.
The resume I sent to our top competitor showed up at my present employer.
You hear about it on the morning news!

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