Top 20 replies by computer programmers when their programs dont work

  1. Thats weird.
  2. Its never done that before.
  3. It worked yesterday.
  4. How is that possible?
  5. It must be a hardware problem.
  6. What did you type in wrong that made it crash.
  7. There is something wrong with your data.
  8. I havent touched that module for a month.
  9. You must have the wrong version.
  10. Its just a coincidence.
  11. I cant test everything!
  12. THIS cant be the source of THAT!
  13. It works, but it hasnt been officially tested.
  14. Somebody has changed my code.
  15. Are you sure you dont have a virus in your system?
  16. Even though it doesnt work, how does it FEEL?
  17. You cant use THAT version on YOUR system.
  18. Why do you want to do it that way?
  19. Where were you when this program blew up?

    And the number one comment was:

  20. I thought sure I fixed that!

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