Top 20 ways you know youre addicted to Youthink.

1. Your family secretly tells you theyre taking to you to Disneyland, but for some odd reason they blindfold you for the whole ride, and when they take it off the blindfold your at a psychiartirst. You start having complex dreams about Youthink and the members.

2. You start comparing your friends to the members on the site.

3. While buying lotto tickets, you have a list of your favorite members birthdays.

4. You start remembering passages out of your term papers so that you can use them in an argument here.

5. Whenever you hear a question, you wonder if you can add it here.

6. You skipped a party with your friends so you could stay on here, drink a bottle on vodka, and pretend you are drinking with other members.

7. You start to mention this site and quoting what other members said on a thread at parties or when you get together with family/friends.

8. Its 2:30 am on a school night, and you tell yourself just five more minutes and 2 hours later you are still here.

9. Youre late to work everyday becuase you lost track of time on here.

10.When you have a crush on a YT member that youve never seen before.

11. You start buying girfts for every member on the birthday page.

12. When you walk past the computer, you automatically log on to Youthink and see whats going on.

13. While you are away from Youthink, all you can really think about is what you are missing.

14. You tell your self that you will stop comming here less and less, but find your self being on here much more than you were before.

15. When you think about this site not being on the internet anymore you get really depressed and start to cry.

16. The first thing you do when you get home is log on.

17. You wont talk to any of the newbies becuase you are mad at them for taking all of the fun.

18. You start calling Youthink your second home.

19. You start having complex dreams about Youthink and the members.

20. The only reason you pay your intern

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