Top ten possible outcomes of the SETI at home project

10,000 years from now Aliens will land on Earth and ask why no one got there Were Coming message. It is discovered that the Aliens had posted it to alt.test and no one saw it. Aliens laugh at SETI at Home idea as akin to reading tea leaves.

Hello! The SETI project is a scam. It is run by the NSA to use the massed CPU cycles of the first world to break peoples PGP passwords via brute force attacks.

Opps! Sorry, but two years from now the SETI people will announce there was a bug in their software and youll all have to start over.

The major American TV networks will launch a similar project in which the worlds PCs will be harnessed to cull through archives looking for a plot, or even a punch line, they havent used eight hundred times before.

SETI project is revealed to be part of Intel/Microsoft plot to gain access to computers of a segment of the population that traditionally not fallen for the free AOL account trap.

Well, if if youre looking for intelligence you wont find it among people who pay thousands for the fastest CPUs they can get then bog the machines down trying to make sense out of background radiation.

Extra terrestrials are flabbergast to find out when spent years analyzing the line noise created by stars they were moving around to spell out Hello humans in the heavens.

The home computer of one Penny Beatrice Century of Moreno, California churns out the vital link to communicating with other-worldly beings. But her husband accidentally deletes it trying to hide evidence of all the nudie .jpgs he had downloaded the night before.

JPL probe to find out the pranksters behind the nude photo of Uma Thurman painted on the Mars 17 probe also uncovers that the same group came up with the SETI at Home screen saver hoax. Forty two scientists are fired.

After decades of work by thousands it is decided the SETI at Home project was a well meaning but doomed, pointless task. But even its critics say it gave hope to many and thus on the whole was not intricacy evil.

(From Internet Oracularities)

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