Top ten things overheard at the rock and roll hall of fame inductions

Bono, Yoko. Yoko, Bono
Im sorry, but no one under 18 will be admitted unless theyre Bill Wymans date
Jerry Garcia couldnt make it tonight — here to accept on his behalf is a bearded fat guy we pulled in off the street
Is that feedback or is Yoko Ono singing?
Here, take Cesar Romeros seat
How did Tonya Harding get voted in?
What a coincidence, Mr. McCartney! I played you in the Chicago cast of Beatlemania, and now Im your waiter!
On no, theyre letting Letterman perform!
(Here they showed the now famous clip of a guy that looks like Dave playing the violin and singing Camptown Races)
Earthquake! Oh wait, Meat Loaf just fell off his chair
Run for your life its Elton Johns hair!

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