Top Ten Things Overheard At the White House

Top Ten Things Overheard in the White House

10. Socks just has to go on a very long vacation, thats all.

9. Dad, who are those people on the lawn trying to look through my windows?

8. How many times have your father and I told you not to tickle the man
with the briefcase handcuffed to his wrist, young lady?

7. We all would have liked for your friend to come over to play, Chelsea,
but shes a foreign national.

6. Im sorry the secret service guard wouldnt let you kiss your date,
honey, but he was just being careful.

5. No, I cant come to school for career day, Chelsea.

4. Thats MY chair, Hillary.

3. Chelsea, just because your mother and I smoke it doesnt mean you can.

2. Because Im the President, THATS why.

1. My dad? Hes taking a nap, President Yeltsin. Can I take a message?

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