Top10 New Summer Camps!

Top 10 Summer Camps you should not send your kids to:

10. Tommy Lees———- Camp Kickachickee

9. Lorena Bobbits—— Camp Cutaweewee

8. Tanya Hardings—— Camp Wackaneenee

7. Kenneth Stars——- Camp Catchacrookee

6. Louis Farakahns—– Camp Killawhitey

5. O.J. Simpsons——- Camp Killachickee

4. Michael Jacksons—- Camp Wannabewhitey

3. President Clintons– Camp Getahoochie

2. Ellen Degenerass—- Camp Lickacoochie And the number one camp not to send your kid to:

1. Monica Lewinskys—- Camp Suckapeepee

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