Tough Thorn

During the Israeli-Arab war, the Arabs were getting slaughtered. Their general called his men together, look men we have to take drastic action. Shoot on sight any Israelis, no questions asked.

It was getting late. A very young Israeli man comes wandering down the path towards the Arab camp.

The Arabs decide to have some fun. Look, were supposed to execute you but well let you go if you pass 3 tests.

There are 3 tents, in the first is a bottle of liquor, which you must drink completely without stopping.

In the second is the Sheiks favorite lion who has had a thorn in his paw for 3 days and no one has been able to get close enough to get it out. You must remove the thorn.

In the third is the Sheiks favorite wife. She has not been happy in a long time. You must satisfy her.

The young man cautiously approaches the first tent, enters and they hear him chugging the entire bottle in one long breath. He stumbles out feebly and on to the next tent.

The Arabs hear nothing but loud roaring and the shredding of fabric. Then dead silence. They are sure he is dead. A few moments later however, the young man emerges unscathed but his clothes are in tatters. He exclaims, Well I believe that should do it for the Sheiks Favorite Wife — now wheres that Lion with the thorn in his paw?!

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